Join the Cause

Lend a hand in giving back to the environment while you are in Goa and also when away.

Buying Local

Buying Local

While shopping online or at large supermarkets, each product carries a hidden cost to account for the plastic and fossil fuels consumed in making and transporting it. Whenever possible:

  • Buy from local farmers
  • Shop at neighbourhood stores
  • Avoid purchasing fresh produce online
Fight Plastic

Fight Plastic

Most water pollution begins as non-biodegradable litter on land. Reduce your plastic footprint by:

  • Carrying a cloth or jute bag when shopping
  • Opting for reusable metal or glass bottles
  • Avoiding disposable plastics such as straws and cling wrap

Responsible Laundry

Each time we machine wash our clothes, we utilise large amounts of chemicals,power, and water. Try to:

  • Wash durable clothes less frequently. Jackets and jeans can be worn multiple times before needing a wash, depending on the use.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning agents
  • Avoid dry-cleaning garments

Trash Talk

Improper waste disposal is perhaps the single largest threat urban spaces face.
You can:

  • Segregate your waste and dispose of it correctly. Send e-waste to appropriate collection centres and plastic to recycling centres
  • Start a kitchen compost. It’s odourless, effective, and free
Take a Walk

Take a Walk

Leave your vehicle at home and take a walk. In Goa, you can admire the colourful buildings that stand tall as a testament to its Portuguese heritage or walk along the beach and catch a stunning sunset. Back home, you may spot things you have been missing while rushing past in a vehicle.