The Goan Architectural Amalgamation

Besides an exotic cuisine and balmy temperament, the Goan culture is also characterised by fabulous architecture. The Goan heritage demonstrates an extraordinary architectural expression that combines western influences with local materials and craftsmanship. The separate identities of Indian and Portuguese cultures collectively create what is known as Indo-Portuguese architecture. Here’s an inside on the prominent features of this unique tradition that emerged as result of The Portuguese rule in Goa.

The lovely high ceilings, open verandas, plush courtyards and balconies naturally lend the buildings an aspect of grandeur; however, they also ensure good ventilation and great light. Though modern architecture and art deco have also slowly become prevalent in Goa, the Indo-Portuguese villas certainly steal the appeal. Their spacious airy rooms and large windows with their antique frames set in beautiful arches enable you to truly interact with all the tropical beauty that surrounds you.

The sloping roof laden with Mangalore tiles is specially designed to counter the problem of heavy rainfall, and, the lime plaster on the walls is perfectly suited for a hot, humid climate. While functionality remains a must, the high plinths, the ornamental columns and pilaster strip details invoke an artistic sentiment. These decorative elements make this style unique and distinguish it from the modern style of architecture.

Keeping in mind the timelessness of the authentic Indo- Portuguese architectural features, we’ve made sure to use them in our homes in Goa. Our villa de Zita perfectly encapsulates this tradition without compromising on the luxuries of a modern mansion. La Mosteiro and La Branca too, are great examples of this cross-cultural blend, enabling the charm of a time gone by to seamlessly integrate with the alluring natural environment.

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