The Coffee Cure


Described as the ‘Intellectual Drink’ by Napoleon and termed the ‘King of Perfumes’ by La Roque, coffee doesn’t just inspire great conversation but sparks a certain zest for life. As Anne Morrow Lindbergh puts it, - ‘Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.’ Surely, a place that attracts the interest of so many, must also be able to boast about its coffee.

Located in the alluring verdure of Assagao is the delightful G-Shot cafe, run by a community with a shared love for the beverage and an intertwined philosophy. Siddharth, the co-founder, has been experimenting with coffee for over 12 years and his interest has culminated in the establishment of a quaint, quiet space that breeds calm and aims to boost good health.

A somewhat secluded garden surrounded by fruit trees, provides as the perfect spot to take a moment and relax. Meditation is encouraged to help emphasize the ideology that revolves around health, community and sustainable living. G-Shot specializes in microlots, hence catering for a new flavour to every visit. And, the delicate roasting process helps make sure that the coffee is always absolutely divine. The accompaniments are no less than the coffee; their sumptuous selection ranges from homemade sourdough breads and granola bars to cakes, salads, smoothie bowls and a variety of fresh salads.

To ensure that their individuality is maintained, they often collaborate with farmers from start to finish. The jazz tunes that define their days, will surely make one want to join in and sway. Owing to 3 years of experience, the G-Shot community have settled well into their personal style and believe us, whether you’re living in Goa or not, making a trip there will surely be worth your while. And for days when you find that you’re unable to step out, just look them up on Swiggy.

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