The Chronicles Of Carrom


“Just one game they said, and started to play – that was yesterday”- Chinese proverb

Board games have always been good icebreakers and bonding exercises. They’re incredibly captivating and, having been borne from differing cultures around the world, each community has their favourites.

This blog elaborates upon the game of carrom and while there is much debate about its origins, passion and tradition in India, keep the game alive. Many believe that the Portuguese introduced carrom into the easy-going intricacies of Goan life and even today, one sees the locals huddled together in their balcaos or at bars and pubs, boisterously enjoying carrom tournaments.

Being able to highlight elements of local life has always been important to us, hence, we designed a custom carrom board for our homeowners. Beautiful components of Goa are thoughtfully accented on an off-white board that flaunts immaculate green detailing. Coconut trees, sea creatures, ocean waves, churches and landscapes of Goa adorn the front and the wooden frame bears prominent aspects of the thriving Goan ecosystem like the Olive Ridley Turtles, the tropical banana plants, and dragonflies.