"Sol Sienda apartments are dream home in every sense of the word. In idyllic Goa, it has a resort-like feel to it, with high-quality finish and a super-luxury pool. Vianaar's luxury homes in Goa like Sol Sienda are a great place to retreat to and be immersed in your own luxurious cocoon. Vianaar makes owning an out-of-town property convenient and stress-free!”


Thank you Vianaar Homes! Every year for the last seven years I have visited Goa for a holiday which invariably got extended because I wished to invest in Goa and therefore continue my search for my home away from home and now with Sol Sienda apartments in Goa, my wish has come true.

When I first visited Sol Sienda luxury apartments in Goa, I was very impressed with the building. The design of the building, the attention to detail, large open spaces with natural light, the high quality fittings and workmanship, the overall look and feel of the place exceeded my expectation of what I was beginning to expect from Goa construction. The entire place feels like a resort. No apartment in Sol Sienda is on the same level giving you privacy while at the same time being part of an apartment complex. 

The concierge service provided by Vianaar's management is another bonus. It includes most of the services of a hotel right in your own house. My first visit to Sol Sienda apartments in Goa was extremely pleasant. The staff was polite, helpful and always greeted us with a bright smile. I have gone and stayed at my house now three times this year- something I never could do earlier with the unnecessary expensive hotel rates.

I am a very happy and proud owner of a Vianaar apartment in Goa.


Vianaar's apartments which are located in Reis Magos are about a 10 min drive from the Candolim-Calangute beach. The construction has been done with an eye for detail and a noticeable aspect is the quality of the various “accessories” that are critical to a peaceful day to day life.

The interiors are put together well and all the fittings work well too. Vianaar's luxury homes in Goa are well designed in terms of light and space. For somebody like me, who has never really lived a major part of my life in an apartment, the wide open spaces ensure that there is no sense of claustrophobia which says something for sure about the overall design and execution. Finally, the associated staff has been really positive and helpful, which again is a testimony to Vianaar's management.


First of all, I would like to say that I am quite happy with the maintenance and housekeeping arrangements done in Vianaar's apartments.

On the whole things are satisfactory and the staff, esp. the manager Ms. Deepa and the cleaning ladies are most co-operative and helpful. I wish them all the best for their future luxury homes in Goa.


Our introduction to Vianaar was completely out-of-the-blue and without any recommendations – I happened to get a pop-up link to their website while looking for potential apartments for sale in Goa. We saw photographs of the completed Sol Sienda project and it impressed us for a few specific reasons – aesthetic architecture using local materials and using the topography of the plot, no unnecessary use of gaudy finishes (as is the trend by most developers), yet beautifully done internal finishes, a sensitivity towards the use of natural lighting and beautifully maintained landscaping and lighting.

Thereafter we met Varun who heads the setup. He impressed us with his commitment to timelines, enthusiasm to adhere to a certain design idea and not diluting it with too many individual demands and leading a team at Goa for construction and maintenance which is very supportive and responsive. He has never failed to respond to requests and has ensured that his team followed through with the execution.

Our apartment was completed within expected timelines and we are very happy with the final product. The finished project looks like the artistic renderings that Varun discussed with us in the initial phase. La Mer is certainly the luxury holiday home in Goa that we had hoped for! The Vianaar legal team helped us in every way for the registration of the property and now the Maintenance and Housekeeping team is looking after the premises with utmost care. Whenever we visit La Mer it feels like we are being greeted by family – the housekeeping staff takes care to call in advance and check on our requirements before we arrive. So when we walk in, the apartment is sparkling clean with linen laid out, refrigerator stocked as needed and it doesn’t feel like we have been away.

It’s rare to find this quality of service from a property developer, or this eye for detail. We think Varun is setting new standards in his field and we would like to congratulate him on another project being completed successfully with La Mer. We wish the entire Vianaar team much success in the future and hope that they continue to invest time and effort on the completed projects and the new ones with equal enthusiasm. I doubt they would have much competition if this combination remains as it is now AND it will help raise standards in the industry.


My relationship with Vianaar started in cyberspace—I used the Internet and found their website.
After going through it and seeing the luxury homes they offered in Goa, I decided to take this ahead and contact was established with a young and enthusiastic Sales Manager. I decided to move forward since I had a feeling that Vianaar was trustworthy.
When I booked or reserved the flat, I was asked to put down a deposit. Since I was visiting Goa a few weeks later I asked that the reservation be kept, however I would pay after I visited the site. True to his word, Suraj arranged the same with the company. This established quick decision making and integrity on the part of Vianaar for me. 
After a site visit and considering the above, I decided to invest in Goa and to go with Vianaar.
Through the process whilst I was an excellent customer in terms of payments, Vianaar demonstrated an ability to communicate at every level throughout the organization. Whether I spoke to Varun or Suraj or anyone else, I received quick and accurate responses.
I also needed help with electricity, water, furniture, air-conditioning and other miscellaneous items. The Vianaar team has assisted in every way. I have also asked for assistance with setting up TV cable connections, land lines, gas and am being assisted in these areas too.
All in all, I have had a happy and comfortable experience while choosing a luxury home in Goa. As for the million dollar question as to whether I would consider Vianaar again, the answer is yes indeed, we would consider Vianaar.


What stood out most to us about La Mer is the clever blend of old and new which gives the space its unique character and charm. The apartments are modern in design and functionality, with subtle Portuguese elements flowing through. 

We also love the attention to detail placed on both the interiors and exteriors, from the Portuguese tiling on the staircase, to the white brick feature wall in the bedrooms. 

During the initial stages, we wanted to add a few personal touches of our own to the apartment. The team, including contractors on the job were friendly and courteous and helped us in meeting these objectives so that we'd be comfortable in our home. 

If you're looking for an up and coming Construction Company that thinks outside the box and has a team of builders, engineers and architects who are able to combine clever designs with aesthetically pleasing luxury homes in Goa, we would highly recommend Vianaar.


I received a call from my husband one morning (he is based abroad) casually informing me that he had invested in a luxury home in Goa. He wanted to surprise me but since the flat was to be jointly held he had to inform me. I was totally taken aback as he had not seen the property and made this investment based purely on his research on the internet. He also didn't have any papers or receipts for the payments wired by him. My heart sank and I said to myself “there goes our money down the drain". 

With the number he forwarded I called the Delhi office of Vianaar and was greeted cheerfully by the marketing executive Priyadarshan, who promptly arranged to send the Sale Agreement and the receipts to our Mumbai residence thus reinstating my faith in mankind. He also put me on to the local Sales Representative- Suraj. On our visit to Goa, we were taken to the site by Suraj, and also shown another completed project Sol Sienda. I can't express the relief and joy my kids and I experienced. 

Ever since that day, I was happy to deal with an amazing professional team (Priyadarshan, Shivani, Shampa,Viplove, Akshaya and Suraj to name a few), be it for payment of installments or work at the site. All our queries and issues were dealt with effectively and we received the utmost cooperation. The project was also completed on time and we are now the proud owners of an aesthetically built flat in a tastefully done apartment block. 

So happy were we with the outcome that my husband has decided to invest in another property built by Vianaar viz Santaa Rosa.

Thank you Varun and your wonderful team!


When I made a decision to buy a house in Goa, my wonderful friend and agent Paresh showed me about 50 houses, but when I walked into this beautiful apartment at La Mer, I was in love.

I extend my compliments to everyone at Vianaar Homes for both the quality of the home's workmanship and the entire purchasing process (it was made so easy). It's a perfect getaway for me. The open and bright concept is very pleasant and friendly and the attention to detail is exceptional. Each house at La Mer has a unique character and that's what I liked the most.

I, without any hesitation, highly recommend Vianaar Homes to anyone who is looking for a luxury home in Goa. Thank you!


It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Vianaar Homes. I have had a very pleasant experience while buying one of their luxury homes in Goa. I have purchased an apartment in La Mer and from the very first stage of contacting them right up to the time the deal was closed; I was impressed with the way they deal with their clients. That and the fact that their homes are absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for, made me decide to go ahead and buy this apartment from them.

My apartment is bright and airy, – it is surrounded by lush greenery and the construction quality is superb. Vianaar’s attention to detail can be seen very clearly and their services both after construction and when you move in make it a home away from home for me.

Thank you Vianaar – you have undoubtedly proved that you are one of the best builders in Goa today. I could not have asked for a better holiday home in Goa.


Buying real estate in Goa is not difficult nowadays. There are several builders you can choose from as Goa has now become such a popular tourist destination as well as a destination for holiday homes. Thankfully, my search was made easier as I chose to go with Vianaar – the best builder in Goa.

What really stood out was the level of professionalism and the attention to detail that has gone into the building of these luxury homes in Goa. Equal attention has been paid both the interiors of the apartments and the surroundings outside too. The overall result is a beautiful property where you feel at home instantly. The many services and facilities provided by Vianaar Homes help in this aspect as well.


It has always been my dream to invest in Goa. However, that was easier said than done as there are so many properties for sale and I was finding it difficult to make up my mind. I had done quite a bit of looking around before I chanced upon Vianaar Homes. 
La Mer Apartments were like a dream come true for me. The gorgeous apartments with their high ceilings, large balconies and a private pool were just what I had been looking for all along. To add to this was the personal touch I felt when I was dealing with the team from Vianaar while purchasing this apartment. Every query was answered promptly and the entire process of buying real estate in Goa was made easy due to them.
Vianaar is definitely one of the best builders in Goa today. I am extremely happy with the 2 BHK ground floor apartment I proudly call my own now.


I have been planning to invest in Goa for several years now and have spent considerable time looking at various luxury homes in Goa. A friend of mine who was also looking for luxury homes in Goa happened to mention Vianaar Homes to me. I immediately went on to their website and liked what I saw.

I contacted them and was immediately impressed with the level of customer service and personal attention that was provided to me. Within a few days I had made arrangements to fly to Goa to see the site. I was extremely pleased with what I saw. Vianaar has constructed the most beautiful apartments and put in top quality fittings. Aesthetically, the apartments are wonderful and I was sold on them the minute I set eyes on them. 

What’s more is that they provide services even after you move in. I have no regrets in buying a 2 BHK duplex penthouse in La Mer and happily recommend Vianaar Homes to anyone who wishes to invest in Goa. In my mind, they are without a doubt the best builders in Goa.


I had been searching for the perfect luxury home in Goa for quite a while. I happened to come across the website of Vianaar while doing a Google search and after that there was no turning back. 

I was extremely impressed by what I saw and decided to go a step further and contact them. The way the team at Vianaar handled the whole process right from day one made me sure of the fact that I wanted to buy an apartment from this construction company.

The Sales Manager arranged for a site visit for me and once I saw the 2BHK penthouse in Sol Sienda, I knew that I had to have it. Vianaar has really paid attention to many small but significant details while planning these beautiful apartments. The large spacious apartments are airy and bright and allow a lot of sunlight to come through. Their services post construction is excellent and I am indeed fortunate to have stumbled upon a company I consider the best builder in Goa today.


I have always wanted to invest in Goa as it is one of my favourite places to visit. I had been looking at various properties in Goa for quite a while before I zeroed in on Vianaar Homes. Having seen many luxury homes in Goa I immediately saw the difference in these apartments in terms of quality construction and attention to detail. 

More than this, the team at Vianaar was courteous and helpful, answering every query and this made my decision even easier to make. They made the whole process of buying the apartment, registration etc. extremely simple. 

Sol Sienda apartments are incredibly beautiful. They have been well thought of and designed aesthetically which was another point in their favour. The surroundings are beautiful too and very pleasing to the eye.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vianaar Homes as I feel it is the best builder in Goa today.


It was by sheer good luck that while searching for property in Goa we stumbled upon Vianaar properties. As soon as I entered Santaa Teraa and my apartment in particular, I knew this is MY HOUSE!
Beautiful architecture, excellent layout, well-maintained gardens, spacious and airy rooms, were just a part of the great package... My kids loved the pool...And I loved the staff.
The buying experience was also good. The staff at Delhi office, Miss Mehak in particular was very cooperative and helpful.
All in all, a happy satisfied customer and a proud owner:)


When I first contacted Vianaar, I was assured by them that they would give me an apartment which would surpass my expectations. They also assured me that they were known for quality construction and attention to detail. I passed this off as the usual Sales pitch but to my surprise and delight they proved to do just that! The best thing about this real estate developer in Goa is that they deliver what they promise. My apartment at Santaa Teraa is outstanding in terms of quality and design and this apartment was delivered to me within the specified time frame. Vianaar has truly kept to their word and given me the apartment of my dreams. Keep up the good work Vianaar!


Not many people would think of buying two holiday homes in Goa. However, I am so happy with the apartment I have purchased in El Arbol that I decided to go ahead and invest in another residential property in Goa from Vianaar itself. I did not even think of looking for another builder in Goa as (in my eyes) Vianaar has clearly established itself as one of the leading developers in Goa today.  What’s more is that I faced no problems while buying the property at El Arbol and Vianaar helped me every step of the way. Their properties are aesthetically designed; they are very committed to their work and go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are more than satisfied with the end result. What more could anyone ask for? I would highly recommend them to anybody who wants to buy a holiday home in Goa.

Pankaj Vohra

I bought an apartment in El Arbol 1 in December 2015. I am happy to say that the apartment is being designed exactly the way it is shown on the 3D renders on the website. Construction is on in full swing.  I would like to state here that it has been a pleasure in dealing with the Vianaar Office -both in New Delhi and Goa. Vianaar has met my expectations with what they have promised and what they have delivered. I highly recommend Vianaar properties to prospective real estate buyers in Goa.

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