Tree Matters


A famous mural by the artist Gustav Klimt paints the tree as the force behind all life and growth. It’s no surprise that this renowned work of art, alongside numerous theologies, philosophies and mythologies use the tree as an important symbol. After all, they give us shade, shelter and stories; all of the things that make life happier and healthier.

With a deep-rooted interest in the environment, the team at Vianaar believes that planting trees gives birth to new hope and tree transplantation helps keep that hope alive. To successfully transplant a tree, one needs to be equipped with the necessary technical knowhow.

The process of tree transplantation involves checking whether a tree is healthy enough to be moved and then pruning the roots to get it ready. This delicate but purposeful technique goes hand in hand with the right tools and a lot of effort. Furthermore, a tree that has been uprooted needs to be moved to its new home within an hour. After it is replanted, biochemicals are added to help it build back any strength that it may have lost.

Our engineers take every precaution and have helped us to provide new homes to about 50 trees from the site for La Masseria. Beginning with this project, it is our aim to integrate tree transplanting into all our future endeavors, making sure the natural beauty is conserved and, the wisdom of the old trees is preserved.

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