Green Beginnings And Clean Living

An element of responsibility invariably accompanies the advantage of a home in paradise. Keeping this in mind, it is our prerogative to facilitate a harmonious union with nature. This post highlights a few of the measures that we take to support the ideal of green architecture:


  1. Use of Fly-ash Bricks
    A by-product from the thermal industry, i.e., fly-ash is used to make bricks that are both, stronger and lighter. Using these to build our luxury homes in Goa does not only help to recycle industrial by-products but also due to its thermal insulation properties, it helps to maintain the temperature inside the house.
  2. Use of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)
    These are light-weight blocks constituted using a derivative of fly-ash. AAC is an approved eco-friendly building material that comes from non-toxic ingredients and a result, the waste material does not pollute the environment.
  1. Terrazzo Flooring
    By upcycling leftover chips from glass and stone industries, many local artists style and fabricate terrazzo tiles. These tiles are available in a range of beautiful designs and colours and, our in-house team at Vianaar specially designs the tiles that we use to ensure they fall in line with our aesthetic sensibilities.

While the ideal of sustainability certainly drives how we build, it also determines how we live. Besides the above-mentioned measures that contribute to ensuring to clean building techniques, we also engage in a number of eco-friendly practices on an everyday basis. Our aspiration to establish truly sustainable homes is promoted by means of these efforts.

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