Goa’s Agricultural Diversity


We all arrive in Goa in anticipation of golden sands, scenic views and delicious food. But, there is so much more to Goa than what first meets the eye. The picturesque Goan landscape is an asset not only to the tourism sector but also to the agriculturalists. This Konkan state is a tropical paradise that reaps many benefits of the rich alluvial soil found here, owing to an intricate system of waterways.

Home to over 25 varieties of soil, Goa’s commercial agricultural produce dominantly constitutes spices, fruits and cashews. While the main food crop is rice, terraced farmlands that use a limited amount of water bear coconut, mango and jackfruit plantations. Based on the season, you will also find a variety of gourds, yams and even a few root vegetables in the market.

The diverse agricultural activities provide for an array of ingredients that result in great export opportunities while simultaneously catering to the Goan market. The cashews, for example are distilled into alcoholic beverages like Feni and Urrak; locally called Jungle Juice. 

Goa epitomises the popular concepts of living in harmony with nature and leading a holistic reality. Next time you are here, remember to visit the spice and cashew plantations and the coconut groves. Get a sense of the local routines and understand how authentic Goan produce is cultivated.

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