The Wonders Of Windows


‘If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade’ - Tom Peters

The past months have allowed us all a reasonable amount of time to be at home, to reflect, introspect and innovate. For us at Vianaar, it was the beauty of the windows in our homes that truly inspired productivity and growth. This revelation led us to start a project called ‘The window project’ on our Instagram handle. With the aim to tell stories about our homes while simultaneously spreading awareness about the advantages of windows, we hope to help realize the essence of life.

Natural light determines one’s mood, one’s health and most importantly one’s capacity to grow. Perhaps this explains the fundamental need for windows in our home interiors. Their elegance adds charm and their existence establishes value, besides which, they also add a certain appeal to the façade. The benefit of having a home in paradise calls for a chance to interact with the natural surroundings. With the intention of lightening the boundaries that stand between our simulated environment and the natural world, we make certain that our homes bear an abundance of windows.

Windows don’t’ just constitute an indispensable aspect of fine architecture, but for us at Vianaar our windows allow the elements that surround us to ease our stress, lighten our burdens and empower a sense of freedom. Our new routines as a result of the pandemic have provided as the perfect opportunity for us to admire and appreciate our windows. The window project is responsible for stimulating much creativity and also reinforcing our inherent connection with nature. Be sure to take a peek at our Instagram handle and explore the wonder of windows in our world of wellness.

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