Step Into The Private Spaces At Villa Cardo


It’s a well-known fact that the simple pleasures in life are essentially the foundation for happiness, however, the occasional indulgences are what make life truly exciting. We all enjoy being pampered and the newest addition to our portfolio, Villa Cardo engages bathroom aesthetics to create extravagant experiences for all our clients.

As you step through the doors, prepare to be charmed by the traditional Indo-Portuguese architecture of this stunning four-bedroom home enhanced by the keen attention to intricate details and the unique restrooms. These lavish private spaces combine numerous organic elements with modern materials that complement the luxuriant style of our bathrooms.

The layout supports elaborate arches and parapets that separate the wet and dry areas. Delicate wood work is highlighted by natural light falling through thoughtfully located skylights and the green outdoors is framed by beautiful big windows that ornament the walls. Moreover, varied styles of wash basins are chosen to emphasise the individual character of each bathroom.

To allow for functionality and ease while simultaneously maintaining the awe-striking allure of these spaces, we make gracious use of modern features like coloured IPS; adding a contemporary dimension that perfectly contrasts the inherent natural aesthetic. At Villa Cardo, our ultimate aim is to soothe and indulge your senses and make sure you have all the comforts that you deserve.

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