Slow Living With Vianaar

“Home isn’t a place, Its a feeling.” – Cecilia Ahern

Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and dappled sunlight pouring in through your windows as a leisurely breakfast is being set-up in the garden for you. Take time to reflect and plan your day, as you spend the afternoons by the pool, basking in the sunshine or cooling off with a quick plunge as the beauty of the lush greenery puts your mind at ease. As the sun starts to fade, head up to the terrace to celebrate the magical colours of dusk.

Vianaar offers you a wholesome and serene experience as we are central to fabulous restaurants, beautiful beaches and buzzing markets. If you’re in the mood for activity, there is always the option to head out for the day and make sure you explore the gems of Goa.

There’s no better feeling than returning home after an adventure, especially when you can soak in the warmth and comfort of your home. And when you turn in for the night, open up your windows for a gentle balmy breeze and let the nature that surrounds sing you to sleep.

We cherish the idea of ‘slow living’ and our homes are equipped to offer you just that. Built on a foundation of emotions, we work hard to make sure you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in through the door, engrossed when you sit down to work and most importantly, that you feel composed when you lay down to rest. All so that you can wake up to another day in paradise, knowing that you belong.

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