Packing In The Goan Punch

Unlike Feni, Urrak is a single rather than double distillate of fermented cashew apple juice, commonly known in Goa as ‘Jungle Juice.’ Some may consider it an acquired taste but most would agree that when topped with soda and lime, it makes for a delightful refreshment in the balmy Goan climate.

Here’s our list of tried and tested spots for the freshest, tastiest Urrak, and though we enjoy ours with a touch of local morale, you’ll find various concoctions using simple ingredients like limca, kokum and chilli.

Aram Bar, Chapora: Burrowed within the by-lanes of Chapora is the modest little Aram Bar. Their stock of the freshest Urrak comes highly recommended and we suggest you make a pit-stop here on your way to dinner.

Escobar, Assagao: A community favorite, this quaint little bar in Assagao is an ideal watering hole for vacationers and locals alike. The delightfully punchy Urrak ensures the place lives up to its name.

Cajy Bar, Arpora: Cjay is a family run business that voraciously passes on their trade secrets from generation to generation. Their relaxed ambiance is the perfect setting to enjoy a local drink alongside a game of Carrom!

On account of a short shelf life, Urrak is only available in the summer months and we cannot promise it’ll be your poison of choice, but rest assured that with a little wind on your face, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the waves of Urrak.

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