Monsoons In Goa

Yes the math is quite simple. As the heat and humidity increase, the number of tourists to this coastal haven decreases to a trickle in the monsoons. That’s because most people do not know that Goa is its lushest best at this time.

They say that in Goa the parties never stop. In the rains, it’s a definite party time with Mother Nature taking over the floor. June to September open up a facet of Goa, which is otherwise not evident during the peak tourist months. With the Konkan coast experiencing quite a few thundershowers and abundant rainfall, the otherwise peaceful Arabian Sea is caught up in an excited play as the dancing raindrops ride its swelling crests. Patches of emerald dot the rain drenched beaches; and Goa’s famed waterfalls are their roaring, torrential best. Flowers burst out in a profusion of colour; and the iconic rice paddies look breathtakingly verdant. After the soaring summer temperatures, the rains infuse new life into the wildlife sanctuaries.

Swimming in the sea, of course, is not advised due the stronger currents and rough tides, but Goa opens up its heart to explorations by walking and trekking. Add to these a generous sprinkling of bird watching, safari tours, and white-water rafting, and Goa is sure to appease the adventurer in you.

If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart, we say, give us a coffee on a rain-drenched verandah any day. Definitely not a bad idea to look up luxury villas for sale and rent in Goa!

The monsoon magic continues with a fill of song, dance, and merriment. The 150 year-old monsoon festival Sao Joao, the feast of Patolleanchem, and the mud games of Chikalkala, make sure the rains don’t rain on your parade. The irony is that monsoon is considered the ‘off-season.’ But with the hotels and holiday homes in Goa available at unbelievably reasonable prices, it’s a steal deal to tick Goa off your bucket list during the rainy season. After all, Goa is much more than sand, sunset, and sangria!

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