Making Room For Nature


Architecture is essentially the creative use of contrived space to cater to the fundamentals of functionality and aesthetics. As a result, architectural expertise is usually demonstrated with respect to enclosed spaces. The natural environment that surrounds the body of architecture is what comprises the 'open space'.

At Vianaar, we pay keen attention to maintaining a fine balance between open and enclosed spaces. Bearing in mind that open spaces are intrinsic features of modern architecture, we use them skillfully to enhance appeal and add charm to our homes.

Besides providing an offset to the structure, abundance of open space also helps preserve the fundamental interaction between man and nature. It inspires activity, propagates positivity and motivates one to stay healthy and fit. The added benefits of open space, i.e. light and ventilation are both imperative in establishing a healthy and positive environment. Based on this philosophy, we aspire to set up homes with ample open space, hence promoting the emotional well-being of all of our guests.

It is a common misconception that luxury is indicated by the size or square meters of floor space. But we believe that real luxury is not found in material projections, but rather, it is found in the emotional appeal that a space creates.

The innovative and practical use of open space awakens the architectural personality of our holiday homes in Goa and simultaneously, it also fulfills our desire to live in harmony with nature. We believe that the true spirit of luxury is brought to life not just by the element of design but also the by the natural environment that surrounds us and that is why we respect and maintain it to the best of our abilities.

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