Meandering Through The Goan Mangroves


The beautiful state of Goa is known for its enchanting mangrove forests, which are made possible by the Mandovi River. Mangroves are the only type of forest species in the world that can tolerate salt water and support a diverse ecosystem.

Mangroves are thought to number around 80 species, 16 of which can be found in Goa. The majority of these are found on Chorao Island, which has been compared to the Amazonian jungles; we strongly advise you to visit them on your next trip to Goa. Mangrove forests are best explored by boat or canoe. The slow-moving waters of the Mandovi River provide a relaxing experience where you can truly appreciate the area's rich flora and fauna.

Besides being a hotspot for biodiversity, mangrove forests also help prevent soil erosion, contribute to beach stabilization, and protect the land from tidal surges. They provide resources such as wood, charcoal, and tannin and are also used in pharmaceutical preparations.

As beautiful as mangrove forests are, they are under threat from coastal development and other environmental changes. Given the role that these forests play in maintaining natural balance, it is critical that they be protected. Despite accounting for only 0.1% of the Earth's land area, mangrove forests are the most powerful tool in our fight against climate change.

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