Making The Most Of The Monsoon


The scorching summer sun leaves us in eager anticipation of the monsoon and when it arrives, we’re greeted by heavy rains and lush velvety landscapes that glitter in the light of the sun. Despite days of persistent rainfall, the rainy season in Goa is quite a poetic experience. It allows for many moments of introspection and weather permitting, you can also venture out and explore your adventurous side. This post highlights a few things that you must try when you get the chance.

Hiking: Not many have discovered the joys of the undulating Goan landscape; the hills that characterise Goa are a haven for walks and hikes. There’s plenty of rewarding waterfall treks and if you really want to beat the monsoon haze, don’t hesitate to explore the uphill trails and tropical jungles as the views are always well worth it. If you’re looking for something more structured, check in with Off-trail, Goa.

Cycling: Though cycling may not always get you to the top of a hill, it brings you through scenic villages, beautiful winding roadways lined with coconut trees and every now and then; you’ll also catch a glimpse of the Chapora river or the Arabian sea. The Bicycle Trip and Soul Travelling are establishments that can help you identify the best cycling trails, some of which are spectacular jungle paths.

River Rafting: If you wish to partake in the most adrenaline-pumping adventures, you must get in touch with the team at River Rafting Goa and The Konkan Explorers. Rafting in the Goan monsoon is an experience you’ll never forget.

Taking into account the joys of witnessing and interacting with our natural environment, we urge our community to join us in maintaining it. Please remember to carry a bag to bring back any waste and as you venture into the territory of our wild residents, be careful not to disturb them. If we are able to preserve the gifts of nature, we can continue to enjoy them hereafter.

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