A Season For Quiet Contemplation


What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action’ – Meister Eckhart

Summers in Goa are characteristic of bustling crowds seeking out great spots on the beach and enthusiastically exploring the restaurants, cafes and flea markets. However, as the monsoon rain ventures forth on its mission of regeneration, perhaps we too should slow down and engage in a little personal renewal.

Immediate fulfillment keeps us going most of the year, but the monsoons arrive just in time for a necessary deceleration that emphasizes revival. The forests grow lusher and the landscapes are verdant green, inspiration is not hard to find and the rains make for a perfect time to reflect and write.

The monsoon months in Goa are also a great time to bond with friends and family and understand the validity and importance of community living. The slowdown prepares you for the upcoming months as when the rains draw to a close people instantly revert to busy lifestyles packed with appointments, meetings and other social commitments.

The rains don’t provide time for rest just for the locals but also tourists who feel they need a break from the busy schedules of city life. While you can always sit indoors with loved ones and appreciate the freedom of your surroundings, you can also head out and revel in the joys of Goa’s hiking trails, waterfalls and verdant jungles.

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