La Sierra Illustrated


As you wander through the gates of La Sierra, you’re greeted with white flowers that hang shyly off the pergolas. Lush pathways, adorned with tropical creepers guide you to your home. Once inside, you are instantly seized by the tranquillity that resides. Located in Vagator, this delightful estate comprises fourteen modern contemporary villas. Each complete with 3 en-suite bedrooms, an abundance of living spaces and absolute privacy.

The configuration of all the villas emphasises the characteristics of light, ventilation and a seamless interaction with the natural environment. As the Vianaar way of life represents sustainable living, these aspects together define who we are and enable us to create the signature Vianaar experience for you.

The design features include floor to ceiling glass windows that slide open and extend your living space into a garden with a private pool. Our custom-designed handmade terrazzo tiles embellish the floors and a classic spiral staircase brings you to the two bedrooms on the first floor. Besides a balcony attached to one of the bedrooms, the villa also has a private terrace. The lovely bar set up and the views make this a perfect space for intimate gatherings and moments of introspection.

Planters and multiple patches of green are interspaced within the villas and throughout the estate to maintain the serenity of the space. Moreover, organic methods are used to help all our plants flourish. You’ll find over 250 species of plants and trees here and this natural greenery is perfectly complemented by the earthy hues of the Patradevi stones used on the exterior of the villas.

Other eye-catching attributes of the ground floor include an open layout kitchen that leads out into the kitchen garden with a staff quarter. The bedroom on this floor also bears floor to ceiling windows that too open out into the garden. Be it a relaxing getaway by yourself or a celebration of life with those who are dear, the scene at La Sierra always makes for an ideal setting.

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