Harmonious Living At Villa Da Zita

The changing climate and rapid development in our country have resulted in a growing desire for more viable lifestyles. At Zita, we epitomise a uniquely natural experience that aims to nourish the mind, body and soul. Guided by the expertise of Waylon D'Souza, we integrated a bio remedial food forest into the tropical textures and compositions of this home.

The inspiration for the project came from the understanding of a shared responsibility for local ecosystems that accommodate civet cats, butterflies and birds. The beautiful tall palms complemented by lovely blossoming plants provide refuge and sustenance for such creatures and simultaneously offer delight and privacy to our guests. The variety of plants cultivated include native and ornamental exotic species like cacao, taro root, thai ginger, pepper, lemon grass and citronella.

Additionally, we grow fruits like pineapple, water apples, rambutan and banana; all of which have multiple health benefits. The fresh kokum and aloe vera are ideal for concocting summer refreshments to keep you cool. Further yet, water spinach cultivates in the chlorine free swimming pool which also maintains an ecosystem for fish and dragonflies that eat mosquitoes. The concept entails the successful execution of a farm to table experience alongside the foundations of a healthy, self-sustained environment for our guests.

A love for nature essentially drives us to continually ideate on how we can combine the best of the natural and man-made worlds to create a sustainable future for all of us. At Villa Da Zita, this endeavour that has led us to create a holistic experience that factors in your health, our duty to the environment and happiness for all.

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