Employee Story - Ravi Sharma


Ravi joined the team as an Associate Quantity Surveyor and has now been promoted to Assistant Manager. He has embraced his role with an eagerness to learn and grow, while also allowing us at Vianaar to evolve and reach new heights. We appreciate his perseverance and admire his ambitions for the company.

We recently sat down with Ravi over a cup of tea, and here's what we discovered. During his time with Vianaar, he's improved his time management skills, expanded his abilities as a team player, and learned new skills along the way. He claims that the work culture and consistent encouragement keep him going; no one ever hesitates to ask for advice or lend a helping hand as a result of the strong community spirit.

His tenure with us began four years ago, and his dedication has resulted in a position of increased accountability. Ravi, as team leader, facilitates collaboration to achieve a common goal. While it is frequently difficult, his motivation stems from his desire to solve problems creatively and to approach each task systematically and methodically.

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