Earnest Endeavours

Laxman Kumar Samal arrived in Goa in 1997 to actualise his dream of a fresh start in an entirely new world. From before he left home, he instinctively knew that it was the right decision. Gradually, he settled into life in Goa and in 2017 he became a part of the Vianaar family.

Five years into his journey with Vianaar, Laxman shares his opinions on the idea of a sense of purpose that for him, is embodied in his work. He elaborates upon challenges in the professional sphere of life and acknowledges that every job comes with its own set of responsibilities and obstacles. Grateful for his work as it provides stability for him and his family back home, Laxman’s story is a testimony of his keen personality.

Having been led by an inherent urge to explore, Laxman believes that true satisfaction lies in following one’s heart. He describes how his experience of moving to Goa helped him to grow professionally and emotionally, teaching him some of life’s most valuable lessons.

At Vianaar, we bear great regard for individuals who take pleasure in the work they do. In keeping with Vianaar’s promise of maintaining a sustainable equilibrium inside and outside of the work place, Laxman takes pride in his job and enjoys working alongside the Vianaar team. Being a man of conviction, Laxman prioritises his job and in his free time he heads out to play cricket with the locals or listen to classical music in his home.

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