Celebrating Authenticity At La Gemela


La Gemela in Assagao has two four-bedroom villas that are representative of authentic Goan Indo-Portuguese architecture. The understated white exteriors are delightfully contrasted with vibrant green window frames and dark brown railings.

Supporting private entrances, each villa bears a sizable living room alongside a dining area and a spacious kitchen. The curved staircase, which culminates in a rounded exterior façade, is a one-of-a-kind design element that accurately depicts the personality of the villa. A thoughtfully placed skylight is located above the stairs. Furthermore, the lovely wooden covered balconies soften the structure and provide a perfect space to spend time with loved ones while enjoying the balmy Goan evenings.

The earthy tones that define the home are beautifully complemented by the colored IPS walls that characterize the bathrooms. A variety of design elements, such as elaborate arches, ornamental niches, and curves, ensure that the La Gemela villas have distinct Indo-Portuguese architectural features.

The covered verandas adjacent to the swimming pool provide a deck space where one can lounge with a book or take a relaxing afternoon nap. We recommend walks around the lush neighborhood because the property is located in the quaint environs of Assagao.

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