A Post Pandemic Journey


Battling a pandemic means changing how we live, the way we think and where we go. The setbacks that have been experienced by society have also simultaneously laid the foundation for a new beginning. With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, we are faced with making a number of permanent adjustments in our lives. Maintaining hygiene, looking after our environment and finding ways to manage social distancing protocols have emerged as new priorities that set the stage for extensive reforms, especially with respect to travel and tourism.

In the coming days, as a result of personal or professional needs, many of us will need to venture out of the safety of our homes. The use of public transport will be minimized or avoided if possible and sanitized facilities and boutique hotels that cater to minimal contact will be favoured. The new protocol leads our instincts to find seclusion, to sidestep social interaction and surround ourselves with the freshness of the natural environment. Where maintaining social distance becomes mandatory; cleanliness, sustainability and solitude take over as our new preferences.

Another obstacle that confronts us is the impact of lockdown upon our economy, especially to the hospitality and tourism industry. However, the circumstances have not curtailed our desire to explore. While we may choose differently, we will and certainly cannot avoid the prospect of travel.

At Vianaar, we aim to provide facilities that uphold the norms of the Post-Covid 19 World, and we hope to become pioneers in assisting the hospitality industry get back on its feet. As you equip yourself for the future that awaits us, our team at Vianaar prepares to meet the requirements of post pandemic travel. Let us together lay the foundation for a new social order that values and preserves our natural habitat.

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