A Journey Through Villa Da Fiore

Under the shadow of a palm frond gently swaying in the breeze, a squirrel lies asleep. Such is the effect of the calming atmosphere at Villa Da Fiore that even nature's most agile adventurer cannot resist taking a moment to enjoy the peace.

Set in the secluded village of Parra, this 5BHK villa in Goa is an ideal holiday home for those looking for a respite from the daily hustle.

Overlooking a verdant field of paddy that shines golden through the everlasting Goan summer, early risers at Villa Da Fiore are often treated to the sight of peacocks dancing their way into a new day.

This Portuguese house in Goa is designed to enable a life lived in harmony with nature.

Olá de Portugal (Translation: Hello from Portugal)

From an architectural perspective, Villa Da Fiore finds inspiration in Goa's vibrant history of Indo-Portuguese built heritage. Unlike most other luxury villas in Goa, we have taken great care to incorporate several elements from Portuguese architecture into this beautiful home.

Every aspect of the villa has been meticulously crafted to help your home blend seamlessly into the community while meeting modern needs and sensibilities.


The villa's entrance is accompanied by a spacious porch, offering the perfect spot to savor the lush greenery of your surroundings while enjoying a delightful morning cup of coffee.

Portuguese architecture is often distinguished by its striking facade, evoking a sense of stability and symmetry. Villa Da Fiore embodies this essence flawlessly, showcasing the finest elements of this architectural style.

Indulge in the perfect balance of nature and contemporary design as you bask in the sun's gentle rays flooding in from the abundance of solid wood-framed windows and doors.

Completing the exterior design are gently sloped coverings for both the house and balconies that allow for the easy flow of refreshing monsoon winds and rain. And in a nod to Goa's rich heritage, we adorned the roof with Mangalorean red tiles, a traditional roofing material used in Goan homes.


As you enter Villa Da Fiore, your gaze is immediately drawn to the stunning vaulted high ceilings decorated with elegant cane work. The longer you spend within these walls, the more you appreciate the intricate and alluring wooden details that adorn the space.

A perfect antechamber for dinner parties, the living room houses a bar counter along with carefully chosen furnishing that reinforces its rustic ambiance.

The ground floor at Villa Da Fiore houses a comfortable dining area and a modern kitchen. Two of the villa's five bedrooms are also located on this level, both complete with en-suite bathrooms. One of the bedrooms leads to a steamy jacuzzi, offering to relax your muscles before bedtime.

The wooden doors of the dining area open to reveal a breathtaking scene of paddy fields far as the eye can see. Black basalt flooring paired with traditional furnishing paint a pastiche of an Old Portuguese home.

The staircase in the dining area leads to the first floor which houses the remaining three bedrooms.

A cozy nook near the landing beckons you to settle in with a good book. Through the arched window, the warm filtered sunlight of a Goan sunset bathes this tranquil corner in a golden glow.

The master bedroom on the first floor features an inbuilt bed made of custom terrazzo.

The adjoining bathroom is no less impressive. A clever blend of natural materials such as laterite, terrazzo, and green stone come together to create a serene space. The calming colors and textures of the bathroom are a perfect complement to the airy and open atmosphere of the villa.

All bedrooms here share beautiful green views of the scenery that surrounds the villa and are flooded with natural light during the day. On a clear night, there is no substitute for sitting by the window and gazing at the stars.


We named this home 'Villa Da Fiore' because of how easy it is for nature to flower and flourish in this property. Its lush lawns provide an ideal canvas for those with green fingers to work their magic while the plentiful coconut trees provide a steady supply of delicious coconut water.

The entrance to Villa Da Fiore overlooks a 15-meter-long private pool, precisely positioned for you to enjoy views of greenery while perfecting your backstroke.

A Meeting of Two Cultures

Villa Da Fiore is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and history of the region. The blend of Indian and Portuguese styles in the architecture and design of this 5 BHK villa in Goa is a true reflection of the diverse cultural influences that have shaped Goa over the centuries.

As you step into this Portuguese house, you are transported back in time, to a world where cultures seamlessly converged to create a unique and beautiful legacy.

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