Terrazzo Tales With Vianaar


‘There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place’. - J.K Rowling

At Vianaar, the terrazzo tiles in each room tell a special story. To inspire our narrative of aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance, our in-house team works on custom designs that are then crafted by local artisans. Over the years, we have created numerous patterns in a diverse set of colours. This productive experimentation is accompanied by the advantage of a minimised carbon footprint and a significant rise in the level of indoor air quality.

The revival of terrazzo tiles in modern day architecture can be traced to a number of reasons of which sustainability tops our list. The upcycled and environmentally friendly nature of terrazzo ensures minimum wastage. Hence, we use these tiles extensively for flooring purposes in all our homes. Additionally, their vintage appearance complements our decor and adds charm to every space.

Terrazzo tiles are made using by-products from the glass and stone industries. Mixed into dyeable cement and manufactured using a hydraulic press, they enable us to realise a world of immense possibilities. Furthermore, we are also able to encourage the skills of the local artisans. It is wonderful to witness how the prowess of the past has been adapted to suit our preferences in the world today.

The elegance of this age-old art coupled with modern day capabilities helps us redefine sophistication like never before. Soft on the eyes with a calming effect on the mind, the use of terrazzo helps to transport us to the simplicity of a time that has gone by.

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