People; The Pillars Of Our Foundation


There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” - Margaret J. Wheatly

As the year 2020 draws to a close, we realise the worth of the lessons we’ve learnt from these difficult and testing times. With the opportunity to slow down, each of us has been able to evaluate and identify our priorities, truly understand what matters and whom we relate to. The emergence of these aspects of our personality have brought us closer together with the vision of working collaboratively towards a year that’s bigger and better.

At Vianaar, we believe that it is our relationships that accurately define who we are. The people we regularly associate and communicate with, are the people who will help us to actualise our goals as an organisation. As the personality of each individual collectively constitutes the character of their community, every team member at Vianaar maintains a culture of respect for the environment and for one another. Simultaneously, we aspire to encourage and maintain individuality and ultimately, we are guided by our values and held together by our sense of responsibility.

The past few months have given us time to reflect and introspect. This has also increased the perceived value of our established relationships. Those who stood by us through these times have offered us a new perspective; leading to a renewed awareness about our actions. With an invigorated bond and stronger sense of what we care for, we move forward in building the world that we aspire to live in.

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