Conscientious Collaborations


We believe that to be able to create something unique, one must have the ability to innovate and collaborate. At Vianaar, we spend a lot of time observing our homes so that we are able to furnish them in a way that complements our surroundings. A careful deliberation precedes all final decisions and together with skilled craftsmen and experienced design studios, we create homes that are a perfect balance of visual and physical comfort. Here’s highlighting some of our special partners in our constant endeavour to create homes away from home.

1. Josmo Studios:

With a variety of furniture and home accessories on offer, Josmo has managed to create a personalised story for every space. Visit their store in Porvorim or their website, to see the fabulous collection of tables, beds, storage units and lights. We love their unique pieces and recommend Josmo Studios to anyone who has an eye for detail and an inclination for art.

2. Savana Living:

Savana Living creates wholly wooden, rustic minimalistic furniture. Born in Jaipur, this brand emphasises the warmth of wood and works in collaboration with architects and interior designers to create the perfect pieces for your home. Our homes boast of a variety of possessions sourced from Savana Living, some of these include custom made armchairs and dining tables.

3. Gulmohar Lane:

A brand that stands for sustainability and authenticity blended with contemporary sensibilities; Gulmohar Lane works to help you create a home that reflects who you are. Visit their online store and choose between a wide range of furniture, including metal chairs, leather sofas and an assortment of beds and tables. We are particularly fond of their armchairs and have sourced many of them for our homes.

4. Local Artisans:

The local artisans whom we work with have been instrumental in helping us join the dots when certain aspects of our design need an element to bind them together. Drego and Russel in particular have created beautiful wooden tables and work desks for us. They specialise in wickerwork and have helped us create unique pieces that add charm and originality to our homes.

Setting up a home is not only an expression of who we are but also one of the most fulfilling experiences that anyone can have. To really understand and build a home, one must spend time in it. In the words of Robert Kime from Architectural Digest, “Every home has its own pulse. If you live in it awhile, it tells you what it wants to be.”

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